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Merchant Services

We are the one stop shop offering all you need to accept and process payments globally. We offer everything from leading gateway solutions, to alternative payment methods and targeted risk and fraud techniques. We are there for you not only to help you choose the right solution for your business but to keep good performance of your accounts afterwards.

Every customer is unique for us, which is why our card processing solutions can be customized and tailored to meet your business needs and allow you to increase your conversion.

We are able to accommodate merchants from various verticals with professional risk management, secured processing, transparent pricing and real-time transaction monitoring.

Our company can open a merchant account for any kind of legal business, regardless of its size or previous experience. We work with low and high risk merchants, start up ones and such with years of processing behind their backs. To give you an insight of some of the accepted business categories, these are:

  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Forex
  • Binary options
  • Dating
  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Skill Gaming
  • Education
  • File Sharing
  • Media
  • Ticket Resellers…

…and many more. The categories listed above are only for your reference, however don’t get discouraged if you don’t see your model among them – any legal business is welcome at our company.


We at SNA Payments pride ourselves with having a clear and straight forward approval process, offering guidance to our clients through every step of the way.

Our offers are based on the specific needs of each of our clients, and the acquiring banks accepting their business. This is the reason why we don’t state on our website general fees applicable for everyone, as we consider this to be inaccurate and misleading for our clients.

To receive an offer for your business, please send us an inquiry with basic information for your company, such as your website, previous experience and projections, and we will send you a customized proposal.

Approval process

The steps of the process are very simple:

  • - We get acquainted with your business
  • - We agree on an offer and collect your company documents
  • - We get your business model approved
  • - You sign an agreement and integrate
  • - Your online revenue starts growing
Useful information

We can provide all processing currencies

We are also able to settle in a number of settlement currencies

We support all kinds of transactions types – one time, subscription, membership, 3D, MOTO as well as one click payment

Our gateway is level 1 PCI compliant

You can choose between different integration types

Returning customer option is available

Our gateway provides detailed reporting options as well as transaction data

In addition to card processing we provide a number of alternative payment methods as well

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you accept both electronic and physical delivery merchants?

A.  Yes, we can provide accounts to both.

Q.  I have seen ads for free accounts. Why should I choose you?

A.  Free merchant accounts are a deceptive marketing strategy or a straight scam. Most offers for free merchant accounts typically emphasizes on free application and no setup fees. Upon setup though you will still have to pay processing fees like transaction fee, discount rate, monthly service fees,etc. As for us, we don't hide any fees from you, all information is completely transparent and you are aware of it from the beginning.

Q.  Do instant merchant accounts actually exist?

A.  Again no and again such ads should raise a red flag for you. In order for companies to comply with all applicable laws, there is no possible way for them to underwrite instantly. There is a lot of work involved in the application process that typically takes a few days and each merchant applying for an account, is responsible for gathering a variety of underwriting documents.

Q.  . How many merchant accounts can someone have? Will you charge me for a second merchant account?

A.  We do not limit the number of merchant accounts that a business owner can have. Each account is subject to separate processing fees, monthly fees, etc. All accounts are based on specific underwriting criteria and are dependent on the types of products and services being sold.

Why choose Us

We have the technology equipment and experience to help you grow your business

We treat every client with special care, giving him a tailored solution

Our benefits

  • Constant support
  • Innovative technology
  • Reporting tools
  • Real time transaction monitoring
  • PCI compliant gateway
  • Worldwide coverage in terms of processing currencies
  • A number of alternative payment methods
  • Don't lose time

    Our team will reply to you within one business day

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